PSN Name Changes Are Apparently Coming Very Soon

PlayStation gamers have been waiting to be able to change their PSN ID for years, but Kotaku is reporting that three seperate gaming studios have let them in on the fact Sony is preparing to let users change their PSN name in the near future. They’ve gone as far as saying that a fourth studio has shared a photo from Sony where the option to “edit username” is present.

Whilst there’s no timeframe, Sony’s President Shawn Layden said last year at PlayStation Experience when asked by Greg Miller that he wouldn’t be asking the same question at this year’s PSX. This implied that PSN name changes would come sometime before December this year. Obviously, Sony announced last week that PlayStation Experience wouldn’t be happening in 2018, creating a nice little way out for them.

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Whenever it happens, it’s going to be a massive deal as PlayStation Networks have been created for the last 10 years now, so no doubt people will want to change their names.

Currently, Xbox users can change their names. The first time is free with subsequent changes costing $11. Obviously, Sony might introduce a charge, but it’s unlikely after making gamers wait this time.

Thanks, Kotaku.