Rocket League Just Got Full Cross-Platform Play

The end times are near.

In the latest news from Psyonix and PlayStation, Rocket League has gone into a Cross-Play beta program designed to link up all platforms (PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) for online play.

This is a huge step for both PlayStation and Rocket League, which previously could only be connected to PC players via the Psy Net link. Cross-Platform play is enabled by default, but to ensure that it definitely is active, players can activate it by choosing the Cross-Platform Play box under the Gameplay tab in the Options menu.

Coming soon to the game will be cross-platform parties as well, meaning that you can finally link up with players of all platforms for your ultimate competitive team. If you want to choose your friends to play with before this is enabled, just create a Private Match in the Play menu and you can go from there.

Rocket League is a game that continues to grow, and changes like these are extremely exciting for the scene.

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