Borderlands 3 Release Date Has Leaked And It’s Sooner Than Expected

Borderlands own Twitter account looks to have released the release date of Borderlands 3 ahead of this week’s reveal event.

The account tweeted that the game would release on September 13th, with players being able to pre-order for a Gold Weapons Skin Pack. I expected it to launch early in the holiday season, but this is probably a little bit earlier than I expected. Given we’ve been waiting for years and years, it does seem like a smart move to get in before other major releases.

It’s likely that the Tweet was scheduled in order for it to be promoted ahead of the release date announcement. You can still find it right HERE. 

Further to this, another Tweet went out from the same account that suggests that the Epic Games Store will have exclusive rights for Borderlands 3, which is definitely getting some flack online this morning.