Borderlands 3 PS5

Borderlands 3 Is Finally Getting Cross-Play Support On PlayStation

Crossing border(land)s

Yesterday we reported on some exciting Borderlands info out of PAX East, with a sequel to Tales from the Borderlands coming sometime this year.

Now, Gamespot reports another bit of good news for the franchise. Announced during Gearbox’s keynote address, Borderlands 3’s cross-play support will finally include PlayStation players in the near future.

Cross-play was previously only available to players on other platforms such as PC, Xbox and Google Stadia due to a decision from Sony, but it looks like the company has turned its stance around. The recently-released Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands already supports online play across every platforming including PlayStation, so it makes sense that Gearbox would go back and enable it for BL3 players as well.

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No date has been announced for the feature to roll out just yet.