Bee Simulator Has Co-Op, Is Coming This Year And Is Obviously Your GOTY

Bigben Interactive and Varsav Game Studios have today unveiled a new trailer for Bee Simulator, their new game that will apparently feature some buzzing multiplayer modes.

Bee Simulator has a story, believe it or not, following your colony as they set up a hive in New York’s Central Park, but your life gets thrown into peril when humans cut your tree down.

The game will let you work with other bees to collect pollen from an realistic open-world environment and produce honey. You’ll even be able to play with up to three other people competitive or co-operatively.

Varsav are committed to making sure the game is realistic as ever, as you do, consulting with beekeepers to ensure the game will feature authentic bee behaviours. Amazing.

Here’s the trailer, anyway:

Bee Simulator will launch for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC on the 14th November 2019.