Our First Look At Yakuza 7 Has Shown Off A New Protagonist And A Controversial New Combat System

SEGA held an event in Japan today and confirmed the details of Ryu ga Gotoku 7, or as it will probably be known here Yakuza 7.

The trailer from the event is now available to view but it’s entirely in Japanese. The game will take place in Yokohama, and follow an entirely new character who is a huge fan of video-games, such as Dragon Quest.

Earlier this year, for April Fools, a video was shown of a turn-based Yakuza game. It turns out that Yakuza 7 will be that game. Given the new main characters penchant for RPGs, it turns out that the battle system will be that way too. There’s a video floating around on the net that shows this system in action.

The developers claim that they wanted to make a change to the combat because they felt they’d reached their peak with the “complete style” of previous Yakuza games. They hope the fans welcome the change, but admit they’re happy to change back to the classic action for future releases if it upsets fans too much.

The game will release in Japan, China and Korea on January 16th 2020. A release in the West is happening, but sometime later in 2020. The game remains a Playstation 4 exclusive.



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