Control Is Getting Interesting Sounding Post Release Content

Remedy has revealed that Control is getting some awesome sounding post-release content.

Everyone that owns the game will get a Photo Mode as well as a New Game plus Mode for free, but those that purchased the deluxe edition, will get two massive expansions next year. You’ll be able to purchase these separately as well.

It’s thought that Control and Alan Wake might take place within the same worlds, which could be explored in these expansions next year.

Photo Mode: Remedy is working on the much-desired Photo Mode, arriving this fall free to all players, which will enable players to take awesome snapshots of Jesse in the Oldest House. 

New Game Mode: In December, the Expeditions game mode will be released, offering challenging new end-game content in which Jesse must help Security Chief Arish explore the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings. Here you will face some of the greatest challenges the Oldest House has to throw at you. Expeditions will be free to all players.

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Expansions: In 2020, two full, paid Expansions will be released, The Foundation and AWE. Both will offer new story missions, teams, enemies and game mechanics, and will take place in new locations within the Oldest House.

The Foundation will delve into the history of the Oldest House. At the request of the ever-mysterious Board, Jesse must explore what lies beneath the Bureau as she returns order to the Foundation and the Oldest House itself.

The second Expansion, AWE, will take Jesse into a new area of the Oldest House, the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau closely examines Altered World Events.