Fallout 76 1st Subscribers Are Getting Targeted In Game By Non Subscribers

According to players, Bethesda’s introduction of the 1st subscription service has resulted in a class war between 1st and non-1st players while playing Adventure Mode.

A concerning number of 1st players have taken to the game’s subreddit to rightfully complain about the fact that non-subscribed players are targeting them for cyberbullying and griefing in-game. 1st membership rewards players for subscribing with exclusive cosmetic items, emotes, and a unique icon that makes them easy to identify and, unfortunately, easy to prey upon.

A particularly popular Reddit thread has reached over 8.4k upvotes and almost 2,000 comments at the time of writing and describes various player experiences of being targeted for their 1st membership. Though plenty of players have taken it on the chin and have even joked about how war never changes, this is still a pretty concerning issue for a community that has faced an unfortunate number of troubling problems since the game launched almost a year ago.