Diablo 4 Has Been Officially Revealed And It Looks Dark And Gruesome

Blizzcon has brought the goods this year. They opened the show with Diablo IV which is exactly what hardcore gamers have been asking for.  It’s a return to the core franchise and takes the series back to its dark roots.

It includes visceral combat, gruesome and varied monsters and obviously hours upon hours of grinding for loot. The game will also provide the chance for players to encounter each other in the same shared world. It’s up to you whether you use this to tackle missions with other gamers or take them out in PVP combat.

Three classes were revealed at the conference, all of which attendees can get hands-on with at the show:

  • The Barbarian, known for their unparalleled strength and brutal melee combat, utilises a new and more powerful system in battle, Arsenal, which arms them with the ability to carry and rapidly switch between four different weapons at a time by assigning them to individual attacks.
  • The Sorceress hearkens back to their Diablo II roots and shapes the elements to obliterate their foes by impaling them upon jagged spikes of ice, electrocuting them with bolts of lightning, or raining flaming meteors from the sky.
  • The Druid is a savage shapeshifter whose updated playstyle empowers them to fluidly transform between werewolf, werebear, and human form to unleash the raw power of nature’s fury on the forces of the Burning Hells.
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The game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, but the release appears to be at least a year or two away, so don’t expect to be going hands on any time soon.