Images Of The PS5 & DualShock 5 Devkits Have Leaked And Boy They Chonky

We’ve seen both the PS5 dev kits and DualShock 5 designs in patents, but now we’ve got a proper look at both of them in the flesh. An image surfaced on Twitter this morning showing both the PS5 and DualShock 5 devkits as well the PS4 Pro devkit (if you haven’t seen that one).

We get a look at the V shaped designed of the PS5 dev kit, which is apparently the case so the system can keep cool (due to the better processor/GPU of the PS5). This obviously is not likely to look anything like the actual PS5 design, but it’s still looks pretty cool nonetheless.

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The dev version of the DualShock 5 could actually be closer to the real thing. It matches the recently revealed patent which said that it’d have USB C charging, slightly larger handles and remove the light bar. All of these things look true in this imagery.