Sony’s New Playstation VR Controller Might Have Finger Tracking

A new Playstation VR controller might be in the works with Sony getting a new patent for a device that has similar features to the Valve Index.

The diagrams of the patent show a controller that straps around your hand, and based on the description, sounds like it will track the motion of your fingers individually using multiple sensors.

A controller device in a home-use game machine or the like detects movement of a user’s hand and sends information representing the detected user’s operation to a main body of the game machine or the like

By the sounds of some of the other wording in the patent, it also looks like this might be a controller with an adjustable size, to suit all users with different size hands.

If we have a look at some of the diagrams in a bit more detail, we can see that the front of the controller looks like it has four buttons in a box formation, with possibly a bigger fifth button in the middle of those, or it could instead be an analog stick based on its size.



While this could be something we see down the road if Sony chooses to make a new PSVR to go with it’s next generation console the PS5, it’s only a patent, so it may not ever see the light of day.

If you want to check out the patent itself and all the technical jargon that it includes, feel free to have a look at that here.