TLOU Part II Gameplay Leak

The Last Of Us: Part II Gameplay Footage Has Leaked

Two new The Last Of Us Part II gameplay videos have leaked just a day after it was announced that the game was delayed indefinitely. 

This is the first footage that has been released outside of the trailers that Sony has shown and allegedly came from a testing builder. This is actual gameplay as evident by the fact that there’s saving at the start of one of the videos, but in no means, are these final videos.

The first video starts off with ‘Seattle Day 3’ and then shows Ellie heading into some kind of theater before picking up a guitar. She then proceeds to start playing guitar, in what appears to be a minigame, where you can play music using a number of the buttons on the DualShock 4 as well as the touch-pad to strum the guitar.

The second video shows Ellie riding her horse with Dina. This is the first time we get to see a significant portion of snow.

We got to play The Last Of Us Part II late last year, but neither of these videos were taken from gameplay portions that we got to experience in our demo. You can read that HERE.

Thanks, PushSquare.