PS5 Unreal Engine 5

A 9 Minute PS5 Demo Built On Unreal Engine 5 Has Dropped And It Looks Sensational

Epic has unveiled Unreal Engine 5 with a nine minute demo running in engine on PlayStation 5.

The 9 minute demo was recorded straight out of a PS5 HDMI port and features an Uncharted/Tomb Raider like tech demo with a huge amount of polygons, resulting in some of the best locations that we’ve ever seen.


Epic praised the PS5 SSD for being beyond anything that we’ve seen in even high-end PCs and say that it allows polygons to be streamed in at an instantaneous rate.

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This is thanks to the new Nanite technology which Epic says film quality art to be imported into the engine with billions of polygons.

The new Lumen engine is a fully dynamic global illumination solution which results in the lighting constantly changing the tech demo as well as light bouncing off things like the puddles of water.

Unreal Engine 5 is rolling out to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, current gen consoles as well as iPhones and Android devices.