Marvel’s Avengers Will Release On PS5/Xbox Series X As A Free Upgrade For PS4/Xbox One Owners

Square Enix has announced that Marvel’s Avengers will release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X on day one with some serious graphical enhancements that will come free of charge for those that own the PS4/Xbox One version. This is applicable to those who buy Avengers either physically or digitally. 

The PS5 version will offer a high frame rate mode on PS5 which will allow gameplay at 4K that is targeting 60FPS. Crystal Dynamics has referenced the PS5 SSD which allows game load times to be reduced to one or two seconds and real time streaming of the world of Avengers, which will allow jumping between missions in seconds. The game will also support the DualSense controller providing haptic feedback and taking use of the adaptive triggers. Xbox Series X improvements haven’t been announced yet. 

Those that upgrade to the PS5/Xbox Series X version can still play with people that are using the PS4/Xbox One version which is great news. Marvel’s Avengers launches in September 9th for PS4/Xbox One. 

With this and Cyberpunk 2077, it’s great to see so many PS5 games getting the same treatment as Xbox Smart Series.