Marvels Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers Hero Missions And Warzone Co-Op Missions Look Great

In the Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream we got our first proper look at co-op missions as well as the single-player hero missions.

The hero missions are single player missions that are spread throughout the campaign and can obviously only be played by specific heroes. The mission in today’s stream featured Thor and was called ‘Once An Avenger’. Some of these hero missions will player larger parts in the story, but others will be side missions. For instance, you’ll explore things like working out what’s happening to Iron Man’s technology during this time, or helping to restore the helicarrier.


The co-op missions are called Warzone missions and they’re accessible from the same map that you select hero missions from. You can play as any Avenger and play along with friends in online co-op or you can also choose to play these alone.

If you’re playing the co-op missions alone, the game will scale based on the level you’re on. Phil Therien said: “We have a system so that we kind of bracket players into some kind of direct average. We look at what the players level is and the mission will adjust based on the people that are in your party. You can also change the difficulty, so if you want to play on a higher difficulty, the enemies will level up and you can get better loot. I don’t want to talk specifically about our math for working this out, but the scaling does take into account all the players in your game”.


Warzone Director, Phil Therien went on to detail how every hero will play differently based on how the player customises each Avenger “The thing I really appreciate about our game is that if you choose to build your Hulk in a certain way, for example, I made my Hulk a range character and focused all my energies on his range attacks, and people don’t really expect Hulk to play that way, but you can totally play the game that way. So, we do have a fixed narrative, but you can use the Avengers to tackle problems in the way you want to deal with those challenges”.

In terms of co-op and the endgame system in place, there’s a whole gear system which allows you to keep grinding for gear in order to increase your character. There’s also the ability to customise your character cosmetically, based on a number of iconic looks from Marvel’s history.


There’s also a special type of loot drops called “artifact slots” which are major Marvel items or icons in the Marvel universe that you can acquire that unlock special abilities. These contribute to your last 10 percentile of leveling and upgrading. There’s also daily and weekly missions that will reset that you’re able to complete for special loot.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on September 4th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. PS5 and Xbox Series X releases are coming later this year as free upgrades to those who purchase on current gen consoles.