The Last Of Us Part II DLC

There Are No Plans For The Last Of Us Part II DLC

Speaking on Kinda Funny Games Spoilercast for The Last Of Us Part II, Neil Druckmann revealed that there are currently no plans for The Last Of Us Part II DLC.

When asked about certain plot points in the game that are left open and asked if they’d be explored in DLC, Druckmann responded by saying “there are no plans for DLC”. We recently got to ask Naughty Dog about the ending of the game and the new start screen that pops up which you can find HERE.

I’d highly recommend watching the entire two hour Spoilercast. It includes Ashley Johnson who plays Ellie as well as Troy Baker who plays Joel. There’s a lot of insightful stuff from all three who discuss a lot of the things that have been up for debate since the game released.