Worms Rumble

A Worms Battle Royale Game Is Coming And There’s GOTY 2020 Sorted

Worms Rumble is a brand new real-time Worms game that’s coming to PS5 and PS4 later this year. The game was announced to be apart of the new PlayStation Indies program which saw nine new PS5/PS4 games announced this morning. 

The game will launch with three games modes, all which are real-time games rather than the turn-based action that we’ve come to love from Worms games over the year.

Last Worm Standing is a 32 player battle royale type game, where once you die, you’re out (you can then spectate other players). Last Squad standing will see ten teams of three players battle it out (think trios in other battle royale games) and this mode has revive, so you can bring other team mates back from the dead.

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Deathmatch is your more standard mode, with 32 players trying to get the most kills before time runs out. This sounds like the best place to start before you head into the two battle royale modes.

The game is launching on PS5 and PS4 and will have cross-play between the platforms. The game will also launch on PC by the looks.