Mafia Remake

14 Minutes Of Mafia Remake Gameplay Footage Has Leaked And It Looks Damn Good

Earlier today, 14 minutes of gameplay footage for the Mafia Remake leaked onto YouTube. IGN has now published the 4K version of the footage ahead of tonight’s reveal and it looks really damn great.

The Mafia Remake is a remake from the ground up with new visuals, quality of life changes and brand new content. Obviously, compared to the original game that released on the original Xbox, it’s seen an impressive visual overhaul and is hardly recognisable from the original game. Just look at this comparison below from the original 2002 game to the 2020 version.

[twenty20 img1=”113006″ img2=”113007″ offset=”0.5″ hover=”true”]

The game is due for release on September 25th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.