A Lot Of PlayStation Games Were Sold During The Last Quarter

Sony’s first quarter of 2020 (lasting from April-June 2020) was PlayStation’s best ever quarter in terms of revenue. Sony shipped 1.9 million PS4s during the period, taking total PS4s shipped to 112.3 million.

What’s even more impressive is how many games that sold on the PS4 in the three month period. Software sales were at 91 million units (up 83% YOY) and 74% of there purchased were made digitally. It’s also super impressive to note that between the months of April and June 2020, Sony sold 18.5 million first party titles. This is before Ghost of Tsushima launched, but The Last Of Us Part II obviously played a big part in this.

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Comparatively, during Q4 FY19, Sony only sold 9.1 million first-party titles, Q3 saw 16.3 million first party titles and Q2 2019 saw 6.3 million first party titles.

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