Marvel's Avengers

The Marvel’s Avengers Beta Is Open To All PS4 Owners This Weekend

It’s the second weekend of the Marvel’s Avengers beta this weekend and that means that all PS4 owners can jump in and download the beta. It also means that those that pre-ordered on Xbox One and PC can jump in. The beta has both single player, and multiplayer missions meaning that you can jump in and play with friends.

The beta starts tonight at 9pm on all platforms and will end on Sunday night at 9pm. You should be able to pre-load on all platforms right now. Progress will not transfer to the main game, but it will transfer between betas.

During the beta, you’ll be able to play as Iron Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow and the Hulk. The beta will let you play through the Golden Gate mission which acts as a tutorial and lasts about 25 minutes in length.

After completing this mission, the War Table will open up giving you new single player missions before the game gives you Warzone missions (co-op or single player) missions that you can play with other friends online. There will be five Warzone missions, that it seems you’ll be able to play over and over again, in order to experience all characters and customise them as you see fit.

The beta will also bring Harm Rooms which are essentially virtual training grounds, which you can take on by yourself or with friends. There will be three in total, with you being able to customise your characters before taking on.

Beta drop zones are smaller versions of the Warzone missions with more focused missions and more about getting loot.