The Last Of Us Part II

Beating The Last Of Us Part II On Grounded Or Permadeath Mode Has A Neat Easter Egg

Last week, Naughty Dog dropped the Grounded update for The Last Of Us Part II which resulted in the introduction of Grounded mode as well as the seemingly impossible Permadeath mode.

People have started completing both modes over the last few days, and whilst the story obviously doesn’t change, there is a a pretty neat Easter egg depending on which mode you finish.

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Completing the game in Grounded mode will result in the full version of Joel’s rendition of ‘Future Days’ playing over the credits. We’d not previously heard the full version of this song.

Similarly, completing the game in Permadeath mode provides the full version of Ellie’s ‘Through the Valley’. We had heard part of this song in the reveal trailer, but never the full version.

Previously, when the credits rolled, ‘Warfaring Stranger’ played which both Ellie and Joel sung together.

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