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This Graphic Perfectly Sums Up The First Year Of PS5 Games

I feel like there’s never been a more confusing next-gen launch than this one. Games are getting announced left, right and centre, other games are getting delayed, some current-gen games are getting upgraded for next-gen, other’s aren’t.

It feels like ages ago now, but Sony’s June event announced a decent chunk of first-party games and third party console exclusives for PS5, and a few of those feel forgotten at this point. I’ve seen this image popping up on my feeds over the last week or so. It originated on Reddit and it perfectly sums up the first year of PS5 games (or what we assume it to be).


With first party titles like Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank and Gran Turismo 7 being highlighted on the top line, the second line is all about the third party console exclusives such as Godfall, Ghostwire Tokyo, Deathloop, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and some other fantastic looking games.

PS5 Graphic

There’s a big notable absent though, whoever made this graphic forgot Bugsnax, which is definitely upsetting given what an instant hit that game become.

Whilst there’s no huge revelation this graphic, or any new games announced, I just thought it was a really nice way to sum up the first year of PS5.

The next PS5 showcase is taking place this Thursday morning. Sony has said it will contain another look at the games hitting PS5 at launch and beyond, so whilst I don’t expect we’ll see as many games as we did in June, I totally expect them to show off a few little nuggets for the future.