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JB Hi-Fi Is Finally Confirming PS5 And Xbox Series X Pre-Orders But Launch Allocations Are Still Unclear

UPDATE: JB Hi-Fi has now started sending out pre-order confirmation texts for the Xbox Series X as well. Unfortunately, a lot of those pre-order confirmation messages were quickly followed with a message that stock limitations and their place in the queue means that they’ll get their console just before Christmas.

It’s been nearly three weeks of no word from JB Hi-Fi in regards to whether PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders are confirmed or not but as of this morning, we can confirm that the retailer is finally texting those that pre-ordered to let them know if their pre-orders are confirmed.

The message reads: 

Your spot in the queue for your Xbox Series X/PS5 console pre-order is confirmed, We’ll SMS you soon with a link to pay your remaining console balance. Pay by Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. Gift cards not accepted.

I don’t think that getting this message necessarily confirms that you’re getting a console at launch. This line on the JB Hi-Fi’s website suggests that they’ve sold multiple waves:

Due to demand, stock limitations some customers will get their console closer to Christmas. We’ll let you know by SMS so keep an eye out.

Another thing worth noting is that gift cards cannot be used for PS5/Xbox Series X pre-orders. This isn’t something that was communicated at the time of ordering and obviously will impact a lot of people who were planning on using them as a payment method.

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We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the pre-order situation. It’s unclear at what point customers will find out if stock is launch or not.

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