The PlayStation Store

The New PlayStation Store Has Launched Bringing Digital PS5 Pre-Orders With It

It’s been a long time coming but Sony has finally launched the new PlayStation Store on web. In terms of design and speed, it’s a huge, huge improvement on the outdated old version of the PlayStation Store.

Based on a bit of time spent playing with it this morning, it more mimics the store that we’ve seen in PS4 in recent times, highlighting a handful of games, but then also breaking the store into consoles, deals and the like. It also means that you can now pre-order PS5 games digitally right here. 

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Something that I really love is that it now puts key information front and centre at the top of a game listing, so things such as how many players it supports, or if it’s PS4 Pro (and presumably PS5 enhanced) as well as VR support are all listed nice and early in the listing.

You can find the new store HERE. It’s also worth playing around with things such as friend lists, messages and trophies which are all integrated as well and seem to be a lot faster than they were in the previous store.