Godfall’s PS5 Launch Trailer Shows Off Two Minutes Of Stunning Combat

With less than a week to go before launch, we’ve got our look at the launch trailer for Godfall.

Alongside this trailer’s release, an in-depth, nearly hour-long, developer Q&A released which goes into greater detail on the game’s endgame content, introduces us to the Seventh Sanctum—which acts as the game’s hub area where you’re able to inspect your Valorplates, check the holomap and train for the clashes ahead.

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Joining the studio’s CEO, Keith Lee, and technical director Dick Heyne were influencers Arrekz Gaming and My Name is Byf, who have both each been curating some excellent sponsored content which covers the minor details of the game extensively as well as, in Byf’s case specifically, the game’s rich lore.

Godfall releases for PlayStation 5 and PC on November 12.