Cyberpunk 2077 PS5

Here’s New Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage Running On PS5 And PS4 Pro

After releasing Xbox One/Xbox Series X Cyberpunk 2077 footage a week or so ago, CD Projekt Red has now done the same thing for PS5 and PS4 Pro.

Majority of the seven minutes of gameplay is the game running on PS4 Pro and it looks like a fairly smooth 30 FPS with some pop-in and a lowered resolution. Interestingly enough, footage of the game running on a base PS4 isn’t shown.

There’s only about a minute of PS5 footage and it doesn’t look to be a huge improvement in terms of resolution. This is obviously due to the fact that there’s no next-gen patch until next year.

One thing is clear though, Cyberpunk 2077 definitely seems to be releasing on December 10th. Obviously, the PC version is going to reign supreme (spec requirements here), but the console versions look like they’ll be running steadily, even if it’s not the best experience that you can have with the game.