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Sony’s 2021 TV Range Is All About HDMI 2.1, A Brighter OLED And Google TV

Sony has announced its 2021 lineup of TVs and whilst there’s no Mini LED that Samsung and LG are implementing this year, there are some improvements which will hopefully improve what we saw in 2020. The good news is that the entire line will have HDMI 2.1 (and seemingly a better implementation than we saw in 2020) as well as Dolby Vision. Certain TVs will also have a better anti reflecting coating.

Sony is implementing Google TV into the entire Bravia line which will create a better UI experience that brings the best from all your streaming services into one location on your TV. In terms of providing something for everyone, there’s an 8K LCD, 4K OLED and 4K LCDs.

The entire range will have a new Cognitive Processor XR chip which will go beyond the normal processing that can detect elements such as colour and contrast. This new processor will look at elements on the screen and adjust things such as the brightness and contract accordingly in different parts of the screen.

When it comes to the A90J 4K Master Series OLED, the TV will have a brighter screen than OLEDs of the past. Sony has achieved this by putting an aluminum heat shield behind the panel. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out at this is the one area where LCDs still beat OLEDs.

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Another cool element for majority of the TVs in the line is that the stands can either sit flush to create a seamless integration into your entertainment unit, or they can also be flipped to give the TV height allowing for a soundbar to fit in.

Pricing and availability will be provided at a later date but you can find the full range for Australia below.


Sony Bravia Master Series Z9J 8K LED TV

  • 85″

Sony Bravia Master Series A90J 4K OLED TV

  • 65″
  • 55″

Sony Bravia A80J 4K OLED TV

  • 77″
  • 65″
  • 55″

Sony X95J 4K LED TV (Full-array dimming)

  • 85″
  • 65″

Sony X90J 4K LED TV (Full-array dimming)

  • 75″
  • 65″
  • 55″
  • 50″

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