Star Wars Ubisoft

Ubisoft Is Creating An Open World Star Wars Game

Lucasfilm Games show no sign of slowing down on the announcement front. After yesterday announcing that a new Indiana Jones game is in development at Machine Games, the company has today announced that an open-world Star Wars game is in development at Ubisoft Massive.

Ubisoft Massive is located in Sweden and behind games such as The Division 1/2. They’re also currently working on the Avatar game.

Lucasfilm Games has said that the game is still in early development and it’s unclear what this means for EA’s exclusive Star Wars partnership that was set to end in 2023.

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Here’s what Lucasfilm Gaming VP had to say about the collaboration:

“Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are renowned for their expertise in developing immersive worlds, and in pushing the boundaries of technology with their proprietary engine, Snowdrop. “We know that fans of Star Wars value the feeling of immersion — of being transported into the Star Wars galaxy and moving through richly-detailed environments. It’s fun to imagine what the team at Massive can do within Star Wars by bringing their innovative spirit and their commitment to quality,” Reilly says.

This will obviously be some years away, but it’ll be interesting to see how it shapes up.