Rainbow Six Parasite

Rainbow Six Parasite Looks To Be The New Name For Rainbow Six Quarantine

Ubisoft all but confirmed in their earnings call last week that Rainbow Six Quarantine was still coming this year, but seemingly under a new name.

Thanks to some digging work by the legends over at MP1ST, it looks like the new name for the game is Rainbow Six Parasite. The reason for this name change is apparently due to COVID-19 (which makes a lot of sense).

Files for the game were uploaded to the PlayStation Network under an initial launch patch. This signals that the game could be coming sooner rather than later, which is a bit odd given we haven’t seen the game since it was announced some time ago.

In even stranger news, there’s also an image in the files of controls on the PlayStation Vita. Obviously, as far as we were aware the PlayStation Vita has been long dead, and whilst this looks to be using remote play, it still feels like an odd thing to have in game files in 2021 (I’d love to see a Vita resurgence personally).

In case you’ve forgotten, the game is supposed to be a 3-player squad based survival FPS that will have players facing off against a mysterious thread that is infecting human hosts. The game is set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in the first half of this year.