PlayStation Plus July 22

March’s Free PlayStation Plus Games Have Leaked And There’s Another PS5 Freebie

Just a little bit ago, it was leaked that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be included in March’s PlayStation Plus lineup and now the entire lineup been confirmed thanks to a Facebook post by PlayStation Netherlands (which has now been deleted).

The lineup consists of Marquette which is another PS5 exclusive freebie, Final Fantasy 7 Remake (but won’t include the PS5 upgrade but will be playable on PS5), Farpoint which will require PlayStation VR and Remnant from the Ashes which is worth a play.


  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)
  • Maquette (PS5)
  • Remnant from the Ashes (PS4)
  • Farpoint VR (PS4)
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It’s also worth mentioning that we’ll be getting Rachet and Clank (2016) for free in March as well. This will be free for all regardless of whether you hold a PlayStation Plus subscription.

We’ll let you know once this has been confirmed by PlayStation, but it’s pretty much a lock at this point.