Play at Home

Nine Free PS4/PS5 Games Are Available To Download Right Now

A few weeks ago Sony announced that ten more PS4/PS5 games would be free as apart of Play at Home which has so far made Ratchet & Clank and a bunch of other games free to all PlayStation owners.

Today is the day that nine of these games will be available. Going off what Sony has said, they’ll be live at 2pm AEDT. We’ve put the links for all of the games below, so that you can download them once they’re live.

You’ve also got another week or so to grab Ratchet and Clank which you can find right HERE.

Just as a reminder, anyone that owns either a PS4 or PS5 can download these games. You don’t need to be a PlayStation Plus member.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will be available for download in April. Hopefully we get some more games over the next few months.