Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Has Gone Gold And Had Some Major Changes Explained

Delays are all too common this year, and given how close it can sometimes get, it might seem that no game is safe. Thankfully, it seems we’re one step closer to experiencing the Mass Effect trilogy in its best form as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Over the weekend, project director Mac Walters took to Twitter to give the great news that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has gone gold.

Prior to that, the team posted a rather lengthy blog post on the EA Blog detailing just how much has changed in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

The blog post is rather lengthy, and seems to answer almost all the questions any self-respecting Mass Effect fan would have at launch, covering:

  • Combat Tuning and the Mako in the original Mass Effect.
  • Additional gameplay improvements in all three of the games.
  • Adjustments made to unify and modernise all three of the games.
  • Rebalancing and adjusting how Galaxy At War works in Mass Effect 3.

The last one there is what I find most interesting – Galaxy At War relied on external mobile apps and multiplayer modes to get the best result out of Mass Effect 3. Now, in Legendary Edition, everything you do in all three of the games will affect your final Galaxy At War ratings. It’s a cool idea that really brings together the idea that this is one grandiose story rather than three, self-contained experiences.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition releases for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 14th May 2021.

The games will also feature next-generation optimisations for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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