Disco Elysium Australia

Disco Elysium’s Aussie Ban Is Apparently Being Reviewed Today

Disco Elysium Director’s Cut was banned in Australia two months ago just before releasing, but that looks like it could potentially be overturned in the near future.

Kotaku is reporting that the game’s classification rating is being reviewed today. The report suggests that the Classification Review Board is meeting today to discuss the banning of Disco Elysium. This indicates that the ban has been challenged by Disco Elysium’s publisher.

Kotaku goes onto report that the review board has met 11 times between 2014 and 2018 with We Happy Few’s ban being overturned through the appeal process and subsequent review by the Classification Review Board.

It’s likely that we’ll know more about whether the decision has been upheld or overturned in the very near future. It looks unlikely at this point that developers will change the game to suit our classification system, so hopefully the decision does get reversed.

We’ll keep you posted. Hopefully sense can prevail.

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