PS5 Balenciaga

Balenciaga Has Made A PS5 Collection And You Bet It’s Ridiculously Expensive

It looks like everyone wants to jump on the PS5 gravy train. First it was Nike that wanted to create a range of PS5 sneakers, and now it’s high fashion brand Balenciaga that has created a T-Shirt and hoodie with the already iconic PS5 logo.

I genuinely wonder what percentage of average hardcore gamers are high-fashion lovers, because that’s what you’re going to need to be to afford the price tag.

Balenciaga PS5

The PlayStation T-Shirt comes in both black/white as well as red/black and will set you back about $870 AUD whilst the hoodie that only comes in black will set you back about $1,130 (yep seriously).

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Both items have the PS5 release date, just in case you want that etched on your back forever. I totally get the appeal in owning something like this (and knowing Balenciaga it’ll be super limited) but I wouldn’t want to be wearing it if I did purchase it.