Dead Space 2020

Our First Look At The Dead Space Remake In Action Has Arrived

EA Motive has today hosted a 40 minute update on the Dead Space remake, which is a little bit surprising given it only got announced earlier this month.

We got to see a pre-production version of the game running, with a look at the new dynamic lighting which completely changes the look of the Ishimura Ship. We also got a look at the expanded Necromorph dismemberment which will now have a flesh peeling system and be more gruesome than ever before.

You can watch the entire 40+ minute dev showcase below, but here’s a quite snippet of the gameplay that we got to see.

It was also revealed that Gunner Wright will once again be voicing Isaac. We know that the core story/game will be unchanged but there will be new environments and the world will be expanded.

It was thought that the Dead Space remake would release in late 2022, but given it’s still in pre-production, it’s hard to see it coming out that soon.

Also, just for fun, here’s Dead Space in 2021 vs the original.