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EA’s Motive Studio Will Now Be Working On Battlefield As Well As Iron Man

As Battlefield 2042's live seasons wrap up for good.

EA has offered fans an update on the future of its Battlefield series, revealing that the upcoming seventh season of Battlefield 2042 will be the game’s last as it looks to move on to new ventures. Support for the game will still continue on in the form of new challenges, events, modes and general maintenance, but no further seasons will be added.

Looking ahead, the publisher has announced that it’s bringing Motive Studio, creators of last year’s excellent Dead Space remake, into the Battlefield fold alongside DICE, Criterion and Ripple Effect. EA says this collection of studios is working on building “a Battlefield universe across connected multiplayer experiences and single-player.”

In a further update from Motive’s general manager, Patrick Klaus, it’s also been clarified that the studio’s work on an Iron Man game has not been put on hold as part of this move.

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Klaus confirms that the directorial team who delivered the Dead Space remake, which includes Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola, will build a new team at Motive to work alongside the Battlefield studios. Meanwhile, Olivier Proulx and Ian Frazier will continue to lead development on Iron Man. The GM says that “excellent progress” has been made on that project, with major milestones hit and the game an important priority for Motive.

We gave EA Motive Studio’s fairly-ambitious 2023 remake of the original Dead Space a huge 9/10 in our review, with James saying, “EA Motive could have taken a path of least resistance in delivering a Dead Space remake, though I’m thankful for everything they’ve poured into what is a tremendous reimagining of one of gaming’s truly iconic horror games. It’s gorier than ever, the story is made whole, encompassing lore elements once merely pieced together by its fan base, and feels like a genuinely fresh twist on the original.”