Sackboy A Big Adventure Bargain Guide

Here’s 50% Off Sackboy: A Big Adventure On PS5/PS4

This is a bit of a weird one.

You can currently get 50% off Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5/PS4 on the PlayStation Store (yay Digital owners).

You need to add the game to your cart in the PlayStation Store either on the web app or on your PS5/PS4 and then put the below code in at checkout: F2GH2LJ4BM. This brings the game down to $54. You can grab it off the web PlayStation Store HERE.

If you have a US account, you can actually get the game for $41 AUD. The code for that store is: BJHFN468DR

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In all my time writing deals, I don’t think I’ve seen a discount code like this on the PlayStation Store, so hopefully it’s a sign to come, particularly for those digital owners.

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