This Great Fan-Made Website Details Which PS4 Games Are Updated For PS5

Backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 5 can be a tricky subject. While the console is able to play the vast majority of the previous generation of PS4 titles, there are a handful of games that either don’t work well or don’t work at all, and exact compatibility and performance is often a bit of an unknown until someone simply tries it.

That’s where the website Backwards Compatible comes in, a fan-made effort that collates results from Resetera and YouTube users who’ve done the hard yards in testing backwards compatible PS4 games and puts them in an easy-to-navigate format with clear information on general performance and benefits (if any) when played on PS5.

The website allows users to search for specific games, or browse them by a list of traits such as ‘PS5 Improvements’, ‘PS5 Issues’ and ‘DualSense Features’.

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Once you’ve found a game you’re interested in playing you’ll be able to see its resolution and framerate performance broken down across PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 and whether it supports specific features when played on PS5 natively or via BC. In certain cases you’ll also be able to see user feedback and occasionally videos detailing exact performance, such as Ape Escape 2 which lists “PS5 Issues – Several Graphical Glitches, It makes it practically unplayable.”

Backwards Compatible might not be new to some of our readers, but we discovered it and think it’s an excellent resource to use before spending cash on any PS4 games with the intent to play them on a PS5 console!

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