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PlayStation Has Patented A New Software Feature That Coaches Struggling Players

PlayStation’s been on a patent-frenzy as of late, and the latest one is yet another interesting feature that may or may not eventually find itself on consoles in the future.

This new patent describes a “self-coaching interface” that detects when players fall below a certain skill threshold in predetermined sections of a game and overlays a video showing the player where they’re falling short, what they’re missing in the scene and how to overcome and get through the section.

The example images in the patent document (which you can view here) show a player being coached on an errant bullet that’s taken them out, giving them visual and auditory instruction to react to the obstacle by jumping while shooting.

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As usual, it’s common for corporations to patent new ideas simply to protect them, even if they never end up being used or eventually become something slightly different. Still, if this does end up being a feature on the PlayStation 5 it’s sure to alleviate some strain on those of us who’ve yet to master a FromSoftware game…

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