Far Cry 6’s Second Villain DLC Expansion Is Out Next Week

Ubisoft has announced that the next of its three series villain-focussed Far Cry 6 DLC expansions is out next week on January 11.

Titled Pagan: Control, the expansion stars Far Cry 4’s protagonist Pagan Min (voiced by Troy Baker) and will be another roguelite experience like the Vaas: Insanity DLC that released last november.

Pagan: Control will provide a unique opportunity for players to explore Pagan’s mind, learn about his past, and face off against familiar faces as he struggles to break free from his cycle of guilt and regrets,” as Ubisoft puts it.

You can read our review of the first of Far Cry 6’s DLC expansions here.

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If you’re yet to play the core game, Far Cry 6 is currently down to a low $57 on PS5 and Xbox Series X on Amazon with free shipping.