The First Grand Theft Auto V PS5/Xbox Series X Gameplay Footage And Impressions Have Arrived

Grand Theft Auto V’s PS5/Xbox Series X version dropped overnight. Just in case you missed it last week, it’ll set you back $15 AUD on PS5 and $30 AUD on Xbox Series X.

The first impressions have started coming in, and it sounds like for $15, you’re getting about what you paid for. Whilst things don’t look drastically different, you are getting a version of Grand Theft Auto V that can run in 4K or 60 FPS with HDR, and there’s also a ray-tracing more that as far as I can tell so far, doesn’t seem to have a lot of ray-tracing.

Load times are quicker, but still longer than most games (especially now with next-gen SSDs). On PS4 and Xbox One, the game took about two minutes to load, where on PS5/Xbox Series X, the load times have been roughly halved.

The footage below showcases the differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions. Everything looks a lot sharper, there’s better shadow detail in places and load times are improved, but as you can see there’s not a huge amount of difference.