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God Of War Ragnarok Is Still Coming This Year According To One Of Its Developers

Ragnarok is still coming

God of War fans who’ve been waiting for any speck of news about the upcoming sequel, God of War Ragnarök, would be forgiven for wondering if the game has potentially slipped out of its 2022 release window given the general radio silence from developer Santa Monica Studio. Earlier this week, the studio’s Creative Director Cory Barlog posted a video thanking fans for their support and stating that he wishes the developer had something to show, but that everyone is still very much hard at work:

This could have added even more fuel to the argument that Ragnarok may be delayed, but if a follow-up tweet from the game’s Animation Director, Bruno Valazquez, is to be believed we should still see the game in 2022. After sharing Barlog’s video, Valazquez was goaded by a fan to reassure them that the game was still on track for this year, to which the Animation Director simply responded “Ragnorok is coming this year.”

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Disregarding the awkward spelling mistake, hopefully this rings true or at least indicates that we’ll see something of God of War Ragnarok this year. The most recent trailer we have for the game is still this reveal video from a PlayStation Showcase last year: