The Callisto Protocol

We’re Apparently Getting A First Look At The Callisto Protocol Soon

Scare me stupid, please

Glen Schofield, former lead on the Dead Space series and now lead at Striking Distance Studios, has promised that “it’s almost time” to learn more about their new horror game The Callisto Protocol.

In a pair of tweets, Schofield first tweeted out a single piece of concept art that goes a long way to establishing the tone of the spiritual successor to Dead Space, all the while paying credit to the team’s incredible artists.

The excited response to Schofield’s initial tweet resulted in a second tweet where the developer exclaimed that while he’d love to spill the beans on The Callisto Protocol, he wasn’t able to. But he also reiterated that official announcements would be “coming soon”.

After its reveal in 2020, we haven’t heard a lot about the horror title. The fact that it’s set for an official announcement in the coming month or two is certainly an encouraging sign that the game might meet its original PC and console release window of 2022.

We don’t know a lot about the game at this stage, but we do know that it’s curiously set within the PUBG: Battlegrounds universe, albeit a few centuries in the future. It’s set on Black Iron, a prison colony located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, and you play a prisoner in the midst of an alien invasion.

Hopefully, it’s not a long wait until we learn even more about The Callisto Protocol.