Apex Legends Savior

Apex Legends: Saviors Is Bringing Some Monster Updates

The game continues to delight

The next and newest Apex Legends Season, Saviors, is dropping into action come May 10 and with it brings some map and game changing updates.

Of course, with every new season there’s a brand spanking new Legend to dive into the action with – and what a Legend to compliment the ‘Saviors’ title like the heroic Newcastle, but more on him soon.

Apex Legends Savior

Other than the obvious new legend and battle pass additions, Saviors will be introducing the first major map update to Storm Point, with its newest POI, Downed Beast. The season trailer showcased the Legends going up against a giant leviathan and coming out on top, but something had to be done about that remaining crustacean carcass right? Well, the Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach (ECHO), previously seen on Kings Canyon, has arrived on Storm Point to clean up the mess so the games can continue. This new, high tier loot location is nestled between The Mill, North Pad and Checkpoint, and is pretty much like one giant pinata! Access the goodies inside via one of four battle wound openings, dance around flying bullets on top of the beast for height advantage or gather more supplies from one of the many ECHO tents surrounding the beast site. Whatever your play may be, Downed Beast is looking like a key drop/looting location for squads to check out come the new season.

Apex Legends Savior

Alongside Downed Beast, another major Storm Point update is the addition of the IMC Armouries. After being dormant underground for decades, these armouries have now risen to the surface after detecting the seismic threat of the beast and are bringing some very cool minigame-like mechanics to Apex Legends. Squads can approach one of four IMC Armouries across the map and once inside, they’ll find a payload of weapons and a button to access the valuable loot within. But there’s one catch…it’s protected by Spectres. Activating the button will close up the armoury, protecting the squad inside from outside threats, but at the same time unleashing waves of the Spectre sentry bots upon them. Survive for 60 seconds and the squad will receive smart loot that is catered to upgrade their specific loadouts. The more waves of Spectres squads eliminate, the more loot they’ll receive. Once completed, teams can exit the armoury via the ramp they entered on, or utilise the redeploy pad to shoot out the armoury roof and fly to their next location. The introduction of the IMC Armouries means teams will have the ability to hot-drop on them to get a pretty decent starting kit or consider their usefulness to any needed weapon upgrading during a rotation.

Apex Legends Savior

Apart from these major map updates to Storm Point, hundreds of smaller QoL updates have been done to smooth out the player experience across the map including spider nest improvements, as well as new and updated Prowler camps around Cenote and southwest of The Mill, bringing some fresh takes to the combat experience on top of more dynamic terrains for players and AI to traverse.

Be sure to check out the latest Apex Legends: Saviors gameplay trailer ahead if its launch next week.

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