PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 Will Have 20+ Games At Launch

That's a decent launch lineup!

PlayStation released its latest business strategy report earlier today, which detailed a number of future changes that the company plans to make including releasing more games onto PC, having more new IP in its stable and also releasing more games as a service.

One of the more interesting takeaways though, is that we got our first piece of new PlayStation VR2 information in a while. The report confirms that PlayStation VR2 will have 20+ first party and third party games at launch. So far, we know that Horizon Call of the Mountain will be one of these, but unfortunately don’t know a lot else.

PlayStation VR 2

We still don’t have a lot of information about the PlayStation VR2’s release date yet, but given that Sony seems to have a pretty clear picture of what the launch line-up looks like, I’d have to think that we’ll see a release later this year or early next, depending on how quickly they can sort out production and distribution in a difficult climate.

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Just as a reminder, PlayStation VR2 headset will have 4K/HDR visuals through the OLED lenses, with new sensory technology including vibration motors built into the headset, as well as eye tracking and inside out headset based controller tracking without the need for an external camera. The headset will connect to your PS5 using a single USB-C cord, so no more clunky breakout box.