saints row boss factory

Saints Row Boss Factory Is A Free Standalone Character Creator That You Can Download Right Now

Be your own boss ahead of Saints Row's launch

Deep Silver and Volition have announced the release of the Saints Row Boss Factory – a free, standalone version of Saints Row’s character creator available to download right now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (via Epic).

Boss Factory gives fans access to the entire character customisation suite that’ll ship with Saints Row when it launches on August 23rd, 2022.

That means every customisation option you’ll have access to in Saints Row will be available right here, right now, save for any extra stuff that’ll be locked behind progression in the full game.

Better yet, players can easily save and share their Boss creations right from the Boss Factory as well as import them into their Saints Row game. This can be done automatically when using Boss Factory and Saints Row on the same platform, but characters can also be shared across all platforms using special share codes. there’s even a Boss Factory hub over at the Saints Row website where everyone can share, upvote and download each others creations.

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Anyone who links a Saints Row account and shares a character from Boss Factory will also receive two bonus helmets for use in the game.

We managed to get a sneaky early look at Boss Factory and we’ve broken down all of the different options available when creating your own Boss as well as highlighted some of the fantastic and hilarious Bosses we’ve seen so far. Check that out here.