The Last Of Us Part 1

Here’s The Best The Last Of Us Remake Comparison Yet

It's looking good!

The gaming community at large has certainly expressed its fair share of opinions on the announcement of The Last of Us Part I after it was made during last week’s Summer Game Fest showcase. While fans and onlookers have cast doubt on the necessity of the remake or the price point and lack of upgrade path for existing owners, one thing remains clear from our first look at the game – it looks real nice.

While PlayStation has officially shared a smattering of comparison shots to whet people’s appetites, it’s only natural that our best look at the stark differences between the two comes from a ten minute-long YouTube fan analysis, in this case Spanish gaming channel ElAnalistaDeBits.


The video pits The Last of Us Part I’s debut trailer against footage and screenshots captured from the original game and highlights some of the technical work done to update the game’s look on PS5 and PC. From increased texture and geometry detail to more vegetation, new character models and motion capture rigs, real-time cutscenes, new colour grading, improved lighting and more. We can see that most animations look to have been recycled, but even then most look to be touched up slightly to bring them up to date.

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Check out some of the screenshot comparisons, as well as the full video, below:

Shout out to ElAnalistaDeBits for the above!