we love katamari reroll

It Looks Like We Love Katamari Could Be Getting The Remaster Treatment Soon

"B-U-T, first things first, does the Prince like remasters?"

It seems as though the PS2’s We Love Katamari could be getting the “REROLL” treatment, if a recent trademark filing by Bandai Namco is to be believed.

We Love Katamari is, of course, the sequel to the cult classic Katamari Damacy, which casts players as the diminutive “Prince” tasked with building stars for the King of All Cosmos by rolling up thousands upon thousands of everyday objects. Normal weekday activities, essentially.

The original Katamari Damacy was re-released on the Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC as Katamari Damacy REROLL in recent years with upgraded visuals and new motion controls on the Switch. The new trademark filing at the EUIPO by Bandai Namco for “We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie” would suggest that the we’ll see a similar re-release for the sequel in the near future.

In the same breath, Bandai Namco has also filed a trademark for something called “Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn”, which could suggest it’s gearing up to release an expansion, sequel, or some other piece of media related to the excellent Tales of Arise. With The Game Awards right around the corner, we’ll be sure to keep our eyes on both of these.