final fantasy pixel remasters

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Are Officially Coming To PS4/Switch

Final Fantasy VI with trophies? Yes, please!

Update: Square Enix has officially revealed that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are coming to both PS4 and Switch, with physical Standard and Collector’s Editions also on the way in select markets.

With a release window of “Autumn 2023”, the remasters are set to be available digitally as either a bundle of Final Fantasies I through VI, or individually.

The gorgeous-looking physical Collector’s Edition includes a picture vinyl set, 3D figurines, an art book and a special lenticular sleeve while a physical Standard Edition will also be available in limited quantities. Both of these are Square Enix Store exclusives and so are currently unavailable to Australian fans, though if it’s anything like the Square Enix Store-exclusive Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition we may see it pop up at one local retailer or another.

Spotted by prominent video game tweeter @Stealth40k, it looks like the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters that came to mobile and PC over the last couple of years might finally be making their way to PS4 and Switch.

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Each of the games’ ratings on the official ESRB ratings website has been updated recently to reflect new platforms being added, indicating that we may see an announcement soon, more than likely timed with the 35th Anniversary of the franchise this December 18th.

Now if we can get a platinum trophy for Final Fantasy VI and maybe a physical, boxed edition containing all the games – this Final Fantasy fan will be very pleased.

For more on the franchise, check out our review of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which arrives today on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC. We loved its ground-up approach to remastering the PSP original and scored it a 9/10, saying, “Crisis Core Reunion is exactly the kind of reverent and carefully-considered re-release that fans of the original deserve.”

Amazon has Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion for $72.99 with free shipping.