playstation store may savings

The PlayStation Store’s May Sale Has Some Banger Games Discounted

It's gonna be May!

The PlayStation Store has just launched its massive May Savings Sale, slashing the digital prices on a bunch of top-notch titles to celebrate the fifth month of the year.

You can browse the full sale here, but as usual we’ve eyeballed a few of the juicier picks of the bunch as recommendations for games we reckon you should be catching up on while they’re cheap (everyone’s backlogs are nice and clear at the moment, right?)

The sale is running from now and set to end on May 11th. Take a look at some of the highlights below, from the indiest of indies to AAA bangers and sports games:

PlayStation Store May Savings Sale

Note: Some of these prices may be even lower for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and some titles are likely to already be included in various subscription tiers or appear in them in future.